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Nostalgic or No No?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The Christmas tree is up at JJMedia HQ! It's a little earlier than usual tradition, but we are following the 'it's been a rubbish year, so why not' vibe that so many seem to be doing. We all need some glitter and flashing lights in our lives right now!

With each year, decorating the tree brings new nostalgia. For me, it's all about the tackiness and the reminiscing of childhood, hence I love my collection of Xmassy odds and ends. My particular favourites are the glittery green woollen tree, knitted by my Mother, a garish leopard print huge glitter bauble (there were several but cats and Christmas do not match) and the star at the top. This was given to me recently by my best friend, who is most definitely my Christmas angel, so I feel it is very apt.

I have seen so many amazing trees and decorations on social media. Mostly huge, and incredibly stylish, swish looking things that make me wonder how they have the space. And patience. I think that even if I lived a celebrity lifestyle, my tree would still bear the fruits of my memories, with Mum's woolly creations still a danglin'.

I wouldn't have it any other way, would you?

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